Blake Morrow

Blake Morrow is the Chief Currency Strategist for Wizetrade. Blake has over 15 years of trading experience and has been a co- owner of a Dallas based brokerage firm and LiquidTrader Technologies. Currently, Blake does analysis for thousands of individual traders on his “The Morning Edge” webinar for 2 hours each day from 7 – 9 am covering inter-market relationships and Forex. He has also appeared as a regular analyst on Wizetrade TV and Traders Television. Blake is a seasoned individual investor in equities and FOREX.

Chris Bayer -> @Brasil61

Chris Bayer is an independent Forex trader using simple technical analysis and refined market observation based on candle to candle price action in multiple time frames, his approach focuses on entry and risk control. Chris comments on the FX market and financial news every morning with his DAILY .. “The First Shot” morning webinar starting at 5:59 am est and throughout the day on twitter as @Brasil61

Chris has a strong understanding of international economics and inter-market relationships. He has made a living trading daily for the last 9 years and has been a successful investor in the markets for the last 25. Chris has gained his experience in the trenches, having lived in 10 different countries and invested through crises in Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Argentina and Brazil.